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We inventory a variety of quality wood finishes including Waterlox Sealer/Finish, Waterlox Satin Finish, Waterlox High Gloss and Briwax.  In addition, this page will highlight some of our inventory, as well as Unique Sale Items.


We carry a wide selection of reclaimed woods, along with some unique new woods, from 4/4 planks to timbers.  Our inventory goes well beyond the following, which is just a sample of a few select packs that are almost ready for your special project.

Reclaimed Red Board

This pack of Reclaimed Red Board is a mix of red, gray and some brown board, all from the same barn.  The gray and brown typically have some red or faded red.  Mostly White Pine and Hemlock, but also some Chestnut mixed in.  1200 BF, will yield approx. 800-850 SF T&G of 3 in - 7 inch face, 2 ft - 9 ft long.  $6.15 SF, includes end-trimmed and light brushing.  May be best to seal end product with water-based poly.

Reclaimed White Pine

Sorry...this bundle has been milled into flooring and has been sold.  Please contact us for many more reclaimed wood options.

This bundle of reclaimed White Pine, has already been kiln-dried and denailed.  It's waiting to be milled into original face, T&G flooring / paneling / ceiling.  Mix of gray and brownboard, and weathered.  Install "as is" or finish with Waterlox Satin Finish or clear coat with waterbased poly.  

Bundle is 975 BF, will yield approx. 600 SF T&G, 3 in - 7 in face, 2 ft - 10 ft long.  

$5.85 SF, includes end-trimmed and light sanding to preserve gray/brown.

Rustic Cypress Mushroom Board

This pack of rustic cypress had a previous life as mushroom board in a mushroom house of Southeast Pennsylvania.  Lots of character and deep cocoa brown.  Various widths, 12 feet long, approx. 330 SF, straight-lined.  $3.85 SF

Ash T&G V-Groove

We've had this ash (new wood) in storage and it's time to find it a home.  It will be a beautiful ceiling or wainscotting with it's deep V-groove.  3/4 in thick, up to 12 ft long, most is end-matched.  Approx. 880 SF (700 SF of 2-1/4 inches wide + 180 SF of 3-4/4 inches wide).  Not 100% clear, but very few knots.  A bit dusty from storage, but otherwise beautiful.  $1.65 SF

Chestnut Logs (Sleepers)

Once the floor joists of a circa 1920 church, these logs (sleepers) are finding new homes as mantels and other custom pieces.  Please let us know how we could craft a unique piece for your home or purchase the full lot for your special project.   36 timbers, approx. 8 inch diameter, approx. 12 feet long, round with one hewn face. Stored in the dry on sticks.  Also have a variety of 6+ inch diameter chestnut poles.

Unique Sale Items

We try not be pack rats, but it does seem that we have a tendency to collect a variety of unique pieces and smaller packs of lumber.  All this extra collecting takes up valuable space in our woodshed and shop, which means that you have a chance to get your hands on these unique pieces.

We'll keep this page updated as more items are available.

Lineberry Factory Carts

Once manufactured in the foothills of the Blue Ridge in North Wilkesboro, NC, these Lineberry factory carts were a staple in the extensive furniture manufacturing facilities that once made North Carolina the furniture capital of the world.  They are fully functional and make great end tables and coffee tables.  Each cart can be purchased "as is" or we can re-finish to your specs.

Split Chestnut Rails

Once a staple of the countless farms that covered the Eastern and Midwestern states, these split chestnut rails are getting difficult to find.  Approx. 80 pieces, 8 - 12 foot lengths.


Antique Poplar Yoke


We're not sure of the age, but it's old.  We salvaged this piece during the reclamation of a farm's outbuilding.  It's solid and a beauty.  6 x 6 x 76.  $325

Farmhouse Sink


The site of the Gum Ridge Shop was once graced by a small farmhouse that was beyond restoration.  So the house came down and we reclaimed all we could, including this farmhouse sink.  Some elbow grease and a little restoration will return this sink to it's past glory.

25 x 54 inches total. Bowl 6 x 16 x 19. Backsplash 4 tall (5-1/2 total). Porcelain covered metal.  $150

Fire Box


So, that 1860 grist mill that was saved from the burn pile, had this fire box in it.  We don't know it's age, but it's a neat piece and would make a wonderful cool weather addition to any patio.  22 diameter x 26 tall = 42 gallon drum.  $95

(Not suitable for indoor use.)

Antique Yokes


The longer yoke is 56 inches long and the smaller red yoke is 28-1/2 inches.  $65 for both.

Chestnut Rack


This unique Chestnut rack, had previous life, assuming as a rack in a barn. Has a variety of peg holes and some pegs.  Will make a wonderful coat rack with a little creativity.  

4 x 5 x 81.  $90

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