Gum Ridge Mill Wood Ceilings

Ceiling boards at Gum Ridge Mill are custom run, 3/4 inch thick, T&G.

  1. Reclaimed Wood Species: Poplar (gray-board or brown-board), Hemlock, Oak, American Chestnut, White Pine, Yellow Pine and Heart Pine.
  2. New Wood Species: Typically Poplar, Hemlock and White Pine.  Other woods are available based on client specs.
  3. Board Width: Milled on the inch either fixed width (2 - 12 inches) or random.  Specified widths are an option.
  4. Face: Original (with saw marks and character), Milled (smooth), or Hit-and-Miss. Unlike a wall board, which will be touched, ceiling boards may be more rustic if desired.
  5. T&G Options: tight joint, 1/16 inch gap, V-groove.
  6. Other: boards may also be straight-lined (S3S or S4S), without the T&G.

Reclaimed Poplar Ceiling

The wood ceilings of this contemporary home are a mix of reclaimed poplar gray-board and brown board.  Board widths are 3, 4 and 5 inches.  Boards were lightly buffed before installation and unfinished.

Photos courtesy of New River Custom Builders.

Rough Sawn Hemlock

The wood ceilings of this hunting lodge are custom sawn from the log and custom milled, T&G, rough sawn new Hemlock.  The original rough sawn face was preserved.  Board widths are 4, 5 and 6 inches.  The Hemlock in the Blue Ridge Mountains is being blighted by the wooly adelgid. 

Photos courtesy of New River Custom Builders.

Reclaimed Hemlock

 The wood ceilings of this fishing lodge are custom milled, T&G, original face, reclaimed Hemlock.  Board widths are 3, 4 and 5 inches.