Flying Pig Doors

All of our doors are custom built to fit your unique taste.

  1. Reclaimed Wood Species: Oak, American Chestnut, Poplar, White Pine, Yellow Pine and Heart Pine.  (Gray-board, brown-board and red-board are options.)
  2. New Wood Species: Based on client specs.
  3. Interior Doors and Exterior Doors.
  4. Slab, hinged and sliding barn doors.

Z-Brace Reclaimed Oak

These custom 8 foot tall rustic Reclaimed Oak interior doors have a Z-brace design.  Although the doors are 36 inches wide they were built with 2 wide planks for the flat panel.

Waterlox Satin Finish.

Photos Courtesy of New River Custom Builders.

Z-Brace Sliding Barn Doors

The Z-brace is the traditional look for the sliding barn door, but even the Z-brace can have a unique design.  Sliders can also be built with other designs.  The doors can be finished with our favorite finish, Waterlox, or can be unfinished.

Reclaimed Oak Speak Easy

This exterior front door is crafted with Reclaimed Oak, to withstand the winters of Maine.  Waterlox Satin Marine Finish.

Gum Ridge Mill Gallery

When you visit our gallery, you can inspect several of our custom built doors.  Including reclaimed oak, reclaimed white pine and reclaimed hemlock.  All finished with Waterlox Satin Finish.

Reclaimed Oak French

Rustic Reclaimed Oak French doors with a barndoor feel.  Waterlox Satin Finish.

Reclaimed Oak Dutch

This Reclaimed Oak Dutch door is the perfect option to keep children and pets in, most wildlife out and still enjoy the mountain breeze.  Waterlox Satin Finish.